Gail Savage

For the past two years Gail has owned and operated the Bridal Path with her daughter Olivia, reinventing the salon one bride at a time. Formerly, Gail has lived in places such as Atlanta, California, and Guam. She later moved to Jackson, Mississippi and began working at the Bridal Path in 2013. Gail was raised in Iowa but attended the University of South Carolina where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business. Her favorite part of owning the Bridal Path is building a special bond with each person she consults.To Gail, the smile on each face makes the job so rewarding. 


Olivia Savage

Olivia, raised in Jackson, MS, gained ownership of the Bridal Path with her mother in 2015. Prior to owning the salon, Olivia attended Jackson Academy and went on to acquire her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Mississippi State University. The mother-daughter team strives to enhance the overall wedding planning experience by creating a memorable appointment for bride's and their entourage. Olivia's favorite part of owning the Bridal Path is getting to work alongside her mother in creating a magical day for brides across the nation.