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The Bridal Path is not responsible --by refund, discount, or exchange - if a customer loses or gains weight. In House Alterations are available at an additional charge. NO CANCELLATIONS, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES. *This is a special purchase* 1. All orders must be placed a minimum of 16 weeks prior to wear date; however, the earlier the better. Orders placed later that 16 weeks will incur a rush fee. (The Bridal Path is not responsible for delays out of our control, i.e. work stoppages, shipping team strikes, overseas delays, manufacturers closure.) 2. When item(s) have arrived, customer will be notified by email and phone. Items left past the wear date will become property of The Bridal Path. 3. The Bridal Path offers in house alterations at an additional charge. Please call for appointment times. 4. Orders will be placed only after all bridesmaids forms are received to ensure color and fabric consistency.
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