WEDDING NOTES: Attendant Gifts

Instead of thinking of this as "just one more thing to do" as you prepare for your wedding, give it some real thought and appreciate the time and expense that your attendants have invested in your wedding.  They are doing it as friends and/or relatives and their presence and participation is a gift to you.

The selection of gifts you plan to give them as your personal thank you for your support and participation in this important day in my life needs some thought and care.

Here are some options that brides have chosen.

*Picture frames that may be followed by wedding photographs of you with your attendants.

*Eyeglass cases of leather embossed with the wedding date.

*Photo Albums

*The jewelry to be worn for the big day.

*Aromatherapy products (but be sure to check for possible allergies issues first)

*Gift certificates to spas and salons.

*Tickets to a show or athletic events

*Gift Certificates to local restaurants

*Gourmet food baskets

*Beauty products.

And be sure to accompany each gift with a thoughtful personal note of thanks for her role in this important day in your life.