Wedding styles may change with seasons, but one of the things about gowns that remains constant is the train.  And the guideline is - the length of the gown's train (and veil) determines how formal the gown is.  Obviously, you may do whatever pleases you but know that traditionally long, cathedral-length trains are best suited for a very formal evening wedding.  Shorter chapel or sweep trains are appropriate for a less formal daytime or evening wedding.

There are several train styles to consider when selecting your gown.  Trains may be attached and may require a bustle for ease of movement at the reception.  Others are detachable for the reception.  Here is a description of the various styles you may consider.

*The royal is a dramatic and extravagant train that falls up to twelve feet on the floor behind you.  Think the wedding scene from the Sound of Music.

*The cathedraltrain is a very formal length that falls between six and eight feet on the floor.

*The chapeltrain is a popular choice that falls three to four feet on the floor.

*Thecourttrain is less formal than a chapel train.  It falls about a foot onto the floor.

*The sweep train is less formal.  It falls about six inches on the floor.

*Thewatteautrain falls from the shoulder blades or back yoke to the floor.