Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

It's a universal request we are hearing from today's brides.  "We want our wedding to be unique".  Most are really asking for ideas that lend a touch or provide a focus that will make the ceremony and reception memorable for them and their guests.  Here are some ideas we have heard from wedding consultants and planners.

*Investigate creating your own postage stamp.  Go to US Postal Service.com to learn how.

*Pick a monogram style that combines both of your names and use it as a theme throughout.

*Take lots of photos during your engagement and pre wedding period and use them as the centerpieces/table decorations at the reception.

*If available, include wedding photos of both sets of parents - even grandparents - if they are available.  Guests will enjoy looking at your "history".

* One wedding planner we know suggests choosing an interesting start time for the ceremony (if the venue will permit it).  One couple used the date they met (5:23 pm) and another used the date they got engaged (7:04 PM).

*Most party planners would advise couples to offer "surprises" throughout the reception.  Every 30 minutes is a good plan to have music played, the tempo changed, a vocalist or group entertains, a juggler appears, a sketch artist joins the party etc.