The Bridal Rhyme

You have heard this rhyme since you were a little girl.  You have memorized it.  But where did it come from and what does it mean for your wedding?

Something Old - Finds a way to link together the generations of brides in her family tree.  The bride chooses a piece of heirloom jewelry or a family wedding gown or veil or handkerchief or other item that represents the continuity of happiness from generation to generation.


Something New -  Brides wear their new gowns, veils and other accessories that add good fortune and success to this new union.  The ultimate something new is the wedding itself.


Something Borrowed - is usually loaned by a married family friend to bring happiness to the new couple.  A handkerchief, a piece of jewelry, a veil or headpiece, shoes are all possibilities.


Something Blue - This tradition dates back to Biblical times when blue stood for fidelity and purity.  Today's bride may incorporate blue into trim on her gown or her bridal garter.

and a-------

Sixpence in Your Shoe - completes the rhyme.  It suggests that a coin in the bride's left shoe will ensure wealth so that the bride will always have money.  Sixpences may be hard to find so using an American coin - usually a dime - works in its place.

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