Let's Do This Again

There is increasing interest in reaffirming one's wedding vows.  Couples may choose to repeat their original vows or they may write new ones that express the way their love has grown over the years.  It is a popular way to celebrate a significant anniversary or to have the more formal event not provided by a civil ceremony.

We help many couples plan this "I'd do it all over again with you" event.

You don't usually send invitations unless this is a large event.  For close friends and family only, short handwritten notes are fine.

You may have the ceremony and a reception in your home if there is room.  You may choose to hold both in the church where you were married, or the church you now attend.  If it's going to be a bigger event than just family, use the guidelines for a second wedding.

Generally, attire for the event is dressy but not as formal as that for the wedding.  We have many lovely gowns that would be perfect for your reaffirmation ceremony and celebration.

The bride may choose to carry a small bouquet.

Families may choose this occasion to have a formal family photograph taken.  Everyone is there and looking their best.  Others may prefer informal photos shot by friends.  It’s your call.

This is a special day for couples and whether you choose to celebrate it at a picnic in the back yard or with a formal dinner party, with a little planning and advice, it will be special.