Good Advice

You're getting married!  That's good news.  Handled well, means you'll side step the tricky parts and focus on what matters.  You have lots to consider and lots of plans to keep moving.  Here is some good advice from wedding planners.

Make sound and achievable plans from the beginning.

You might dream of a celebrity wedding, but be honest.  Design a day that allows you and the groom to get married without undue stress and complications.  This is supposed to be a celebratory event.  Figure how much time you have to plan and how much money you'll have for this wedding.  Advice from a certified wedding planner can be a valuable investment.


Be organized. 

Once your overall plans are in place, stay focused on them.  Don't get distracted.  Pay attention

to the details and avoid wasting time and energy.


Be positive.

Brides who remain positive and happy at the prospect of their wedding, are really pleasant to be around.  They focus on what matters and all their activity supports this.  They don't get sidetracked by stuff that doesn't matter.  Allow others to help you.  Remember the groom.  You aren't getting married by yourself.  Share your happiness and plans that are coming together.


Be decisive.

Make the necessary decisions. Trust your instinct and get advice when needed.  Then decide.

No second guessing necessary.


Be Flexible.

Human beings are not perfect.  Perfect plans rarely are.  Plan A is great, but have a Plan B ready just in case.  Let  yourself adjust when it is necessary.  This is your wedding day so don't let anything throw you over the edge.  Remember plan B and/or C.  You may not have sent an invitation to "Murphy" but he has been known to attend plenty of weddings.  If he comes to yours, be ready.


For questions, suggestions for alternative plans and "just-in-case" ideas, talk with one of our experienced consultants.