Being on Budget is a Good Thing

The bride may dream of a big wedding, but it is hard to do on a small budget.  With expert help from one of our consultants, you can do it.  A well budgeted wedding can be done with some careful planning and creativity.

·         Consider being wed on a Friday evening or Saturday morning instead of the very busy and more expensive Saturday evening.  Lots of your wedding "wants" are likely to be less expensive than holding the event on a packed day.

·         Consider foliage over flowers.  Rental greens are showy, considerably less expensive and just as dramatic as large floral arrangements.  It adds a touch of elegance and can provide the perfect background for your color scheme.

·         If you must have flowers alone, choose blossoms grown locally and in season.

·         You want to have a wedding dance?  Great!  Just audition DJ's with good reputations.  You don't need a live orchestra or band.

·         Keep some dollars budgeted for a professional photographer, but he/she doesn't need to spend the whole night at the reception.  Keep him/her long enough for classic shots and then let them head out.  Fun informal shots can be obtained with a few disposable cameras scattered throughout the event.  Or skip the cameras and let guests be the photographers for the rest of the evening's activities.  Request that they send all their event shots to your wedding site.

·         A formal sit down dinner is nice if you can afford it.  Why not have a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception instead?  Have a seven pm wedding on Friday night followed by an event that keeps guests moving around sipping and nibbling.

·         Review your invitation list.  Keep the "must haves" and reevaluate the "maybes".